Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

City of Oceanside Fire Department | Public Safety and Healthcare-Clinical

Average Wage for this Career

$54,510** *This figure represents the median wage for this career in San Diego County and not the wages of any specific interviewee

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About Emergency Medical Technician

Meet Daniel Garcia, Emergency Medical Technician, who tells us all about his role with the City of Oceanside Fire Department. An EMT responds to medical emergencies; renders aid to injured parties; assists at non-medical emergency scenes with support related activities; operates ambulances and other related medical equipment; participates in station, equipment and apparatus maintenance; attends training classes and drills; participates in training with hands-on, practical application to acquire knowledge in basic fire-fighting related equipment, skills and techniques; and diagnoses medical problems and performs first-aid and resuscitator functions. Daniel studied Kinesiology prior to working as an EMT and also is enrolled in the fire academy to become a firefighter. Learn more about being an EMT at the U.S. Department of Labor Career One Stop.

Education Resources

Public Service/Health Science and Medical pathways
Career and Technical Education program

Fire Technology Program
Palomar College

EMT Program
Oceanside Fire Department EMT Program

Vocational EMT Training
Institute of Healthcare