Welding Worker (Production Manager)

McKenna Boiler Works | Advanced Manufacturing

Average Wage for this Career

$85,000 *This figure represents the median wage for this career in San Diego County and not the wages of any specific interviewee

Occupational Outlook


About Technical Supervisor (Welder)

Meet Technical Supervisor, Victor Romero, who tells us about his job at family-owned small business McKenna Boiler Works in Oceanside. Most manufacturing utilizes boilers, from your food processing, textile businesses, hotels, breweries, government buildings and military facilities. Victor says having a mechanical or electrical background is helpful for this career, but no college education is required. McKenna Boiler Works is a 5th generation, family-owned boiler manufacturing company that has been serving southern California for more than 100 years. Steam from boilers is used in almost every production line, from record producers to pharmaceuticals and even clothing manufacturers. Important qualities for welders include the following soft skills: Detail oriented; Manual dexterity; and Spatial-orientation skills. Victor’s story is sponsored by the City of Oceanside. Learn more about being a welder at the Occupational Outlook Handbook provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. Read the U.S. Department of Labor’s Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model.