Quality Control Manager

Olli Salumeria | Food Processing

Average Wage for this Career:

$127,520* *This figure represents the median wage for this career in San Diego County and not the wages of any specific interviewee

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About Director of Quality

Meet local meat curing expert and Food Quality Control Director, Garrett Walsh. Garrett studied food science at UC Davis following the advice of his mother and never looked back. His role requires him to ensure the quality and safety of the cured meats and other edible products produced by the Oceanside plant. Following set company and government safety rules, regulations, and guidelines at all times requires Garrett’s hand in a daily USDA inspection. He also uses good judgment and initiative in resolving problems and making recommendations. Learn more with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model.

Education Resources

Food Science and Technology
University of Calfornia, Davis

Quality Assurance and Control
UCSD Extension

Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
San Diego State University