Manufacturing Engineer #6 (Bio)

Genentech | Biotechnology

Average Wage for this Career:

$112,445* *This figure represents the median wage for this career in San Diego County and not the wages of any specific interviewee

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About Manufacturing Bioprocess Supervisor

Meet Gorashi Gorashi, a Senior Supervisor in Upstream Manufacturing, at Genentech. Upstream processes are those in which biological materials are either obtained from an outside source or inoculated and grown in culture, under controlled conditions, to manufacture certain types of products. Technicians in pharmaceutical biomanufacturing who carry out the complex steps in upstream processes must communicate well and collaborate. They have to monitor equipment and pay attention to details, as tasks are carried out in sterile or clean-room environments. Learn more with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bioscience Competency Model.

Education Resources

California State University San Marcos

Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology
MiraCosta College

Design and Manufacturing Technologies
Palomar Community College