Lifeguard (Senior)

City of Oceanside Fire Department | Public Safety

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$52,500* *This figure represents the median wage for this career in San Diego County and not the wages of any specific interviewee

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About Senior Beach Lifeguard

Meet Senior Beach Lifeguard Daniela Bucalo who tells us all about her role with the City of Oceanside Fire Department. She safeguards an assigned area of the beach, pier, and/or ocean; performs preventative actions such as giving safety warnings and monitoring for safety hazards; maintains beach observation towers; performs safety interventions and effects rescues in surf, open ocean, river/streams, municipal piers, harbor and boating areas and roadways; issues safety advisories and warnings to the public; and educates the public on safety issues related to beach and ocean environments.  You could be a lifeguard even before high school graduation like Daniela. The Oceanside Junior Lifeguard Program offers individuals ages 9-17 the opportunity to learn beach safety and ocean lifesaving skills from experienced Oceanside beach lifeguards. Junior Lifeguard daily activities include education in beach and ocean safety, running and swimming activities, beach games, surfing, and competitions. Junior Lifeguards will also learn about tower guarding, rescue techniques, boat rescues, marine biology, oceanography, first aid, and CPR. Build your own competency model.

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